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December 2017: How to Treat Tendon Injuries – Part Two

In Part One of the series on how to treat tendon injuries, we considered the proper diagnosis of tendon disorders and how exercise and nutrition

November 2017: How to Treat Tendon Injuries – Part One

*This is an MRI of my right wrist showing degenerative changes in the extensor carpi ulnaris (ECU) tendon. Notice the disordered appearance of the

October 2017: Tendons – What You Need to Know

Tendons. When they’re injured, they hurt, and when they hurt, function can be significantly impaired. Treatment of tendon disorders constitutes a significant portion of my

September 2017: Is Melatonin a Must?

In the December 2016 article titled Strategies to Improve Sleep, I briefly introduced the potential health benefits of supplemental melatonin. This is a topic that

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